Frequently Asked Questions
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Funding Arena a division of Broker Enterprise LLC, located in Houston, Texas, is a finance engineering company that provides solutions and experience in commercial and consumer lending, while specializing in non-traditional financing. We work with home owners and business owners with their unique situations and match them with the best lending program to meet their needs. We work with you in the areas of credit score, business structuring and consulting on lending sources.

How fast can I start obtaining Unsecured Business Credit?
Within 7 Days to 3 Weeks,depending on the profile of the client. The longer you stay in the Program the more and better Credit Accounts you will obtain.

What if I have Great Personal Credit, can I choose to Personally Guarantee the Business Credit Accounts and obtain more CASH Credit faster?
Yes, absolutely! You will start to get approvals for multiple CASH Lines of Credit and Loans in as little as 7 Days to 3 Week - Up to 150,000 with NO Income Documentation or up to 1/2 Million with Full Documentation. Our average client tends to be from $55,000 - $350,000 in CASH Lines of Credit and Loans.

My company is under 2 years old, will this effect how much credit I can acquire?
We have been able to simplify the process and can get you started for funding immediately. A 2 years or older business, will be able to match up with more lenders for business line of credit.

How does an 80 paydex work for my funding of my corporation?
Your lending options will expand even more as our funding program has many phases.

I have a lot of inquiries on my personal credit, can you help?
Yes, absolutely! We have different structures to work out with you.

I have a lot high revolving balances on my credit, can you help?
Yes, absolutely! Every client is on a case by case basis. The lower the balances the better.

I have DAMAGED CREDIT, can you help?
Yes, absolutely! We have several options for the investor to work with damaged credit.

How does it all work?
It's all very simple yet very complicated - Simple for you...we deal with the complicated stuff. So, here is a Summary of our Process:


You must sign up at our credit monitoring site at
You Sign-Up Online or obtain a PDF copy of the Client package by clicking HERE(Word / PDF) and fax it back to 800-618-6829 or email to
We analyze and prepare your File.
We will contact you to go our your FILE and plan a Strategy
We work together with you to determine credit limits and approvals.

I want to build my business credit profile, obtain some NO PG line, and/or my credit is not strong yet, what are my options?

Can I really obtain Unsecured Business CASH Lines of Credit without Personal Guarantees, even if I have Bad Personal Credit?
Yes you can, once you establish enough vendor credit lines our Business Credit Building Program, and they will be VISA and/or MASTERCARD Accounts that you can use anywhere Credit Cards are accepted.

How much real CASH Credit can I obtain without Personal Guarantees?
Anywhere from $10,000 to $250,000+ depending on which of our Programs you purchase and on your current or projected Business Gross Sales, Net Income, and Net Worth.

How much TOTAL Unsecured Business Credit can I obtain without Personal Guarantees?
Anywhere from $10,000 to $500,000+ depending on which of our Programs you purchase, number of personal guarantors in your group, and on your current or projected Business Gross Sales, Net Income, and Net Worth. The average for most the investor is $10,000 - $150,000 because they do not have strong financials.

What is the advantage of more credit lines?
Simply, when you go to funding, the MORE LINES = MORE BUSINESS CREDIT.

Some companies offered seasoned business tradelines, does that work?
Many seasoned tradelines just don't work. Your file can get red flagged at the business credit bureaus and then your corporate credit is OVER with. We always build business credit from the ground up.

1.You Sign-Up Online or obtain a PDF copy of the Client package by clicking HERE and fax it back to 800-618-6829 or email to
2. We analyze and prepare your File.
3. We call you to go over your File and do a Strategy Session with you on the Phone to make sure we understand your needs and that you understand how the process will work and what to expect.
4. We setup the Credit Programs in our System and complete all the Credit Applications that will be needed for your package.
5. We will make a small purchase for you for each vendor. Pay for the item once you receive an invoice. The quicker you pay the higher your paydex score.
6. Once all tradelines post to the business credit bureaus, we will move to step two.
7. Step two will involve applying for NO PG Visa/Mastercard credit lines. We will coach you through the process.

What is the Paydex Score?
The Paydex Score is the business equivalent to your Personal FICO score, or Personal Credit Score. It is Dunn & Bradstreet's unique dollar-weighted numerical indicator of how a firm paid its bills over the past year, based on trade experiences reported to D&B by various vendors. The D&B PAYDEX Score ranges from 1 to 100, with higher scores indicating better payment performance.

The MINIMUM Paydex Score you will want to have is 80, and the higher the better. As you can see in the Paydex Score Chart below, in order to achieve the Highest Possible Score you need to pay 30 Days BEFORE the Due Date. This means that you should get in the habit of paying your bills at the time they are incurred (Invoiced), and this is what we will have you do as part of our Business Credit Building Process so you can achieve the Highest Possible Score.

100 - 30 days sooner than terms
95 - 25 days sooner than terms
90 - 20 days sooner than terms
85 - 10 days sooner than terms
79 or Less - Not Within Terms - You do NOT want to be in this Range!

What are the Major Business Credit Bureaus that will be used when building my Business Credit?

There are 3 Major Business Credit Bureaus, they are:

1. Dun & Bradstreet
2. Experian Business
3. Equifax Business

In order to succeed in building Amazing Business Credit, you must build a very strong Credit Profile with ALL 3 of the Business Credit Bureaus - Building only your Dun & Bradstreet is NOT enough. Here at we focus on ALL 3 of the Business Credit Bureaus, so you achieve the Best Results Possible.

I have done some research and found other Companies that claim to do the same thing you do, so what makes you better?
Well, we did that research too before starting, and here is why we are better than the rest:

We focus on obtaining larger and more useful Credit Accounts and CASH Lines of Credit so you can buy almost anything your Business may need using your Business Credit.
Other Companies just focus on getting you an 80 Paydex Score by obtaining some relatively useless Credit Accounts that you will probably never are then left with an 80 Paydex but so what? It didn't do you any good because you still can't buy the things you really need using your Business Credit. Even worse, you may not even get an 80 Paydex at all if they don't do that part of the process correctly - Believe it or not, we get the investor that come to us all the time that have been paying another Company for months to build their Business Credit and we pull their Business Credit Reports and guess what - They are all Empty or have just 1 or 2 Trade Experiences which does them no good!

Step 1: Identify


Read about our service. Keep in mind we have many solutions for serious investors.


Step 2: Personal Lines


Leverage your personal credit to get you started on the right path.


Step 3: Business Lines


Use the right business structure to have lenders wanting to fund your business.


Step 4: Business No Personal Guarantee


No personal credit score needed, cash line funding solely against the business.