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Identify on how you can acheive funding with exit strategies. Every client needs a plan of action. We're ready!


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Business lines are ideal for all investors to acquire. Not all business are the same, we will make it work.


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Using all Business and No Personal Credit Scores is the ultimate vehicle in the corporate investment world.


No Personal Guarantee Corporation by Funding Arena
a division of Broker Enterprise LLC

What is Business Credit …

For those of you who do not know exactly what business credit is and why it is important, you are not alone. There are many business owners who share this feeling of uncertainty. Funding Arena., can provide you with the funding so that you feel prepared and confident about your business operations. DAMAGED Credit Scores can still get funding.

Why put your assets at risk if you don’t have to…

Minimum 2-years to as old as 20 yr old Aged Corporations.
Name Change Amendment. ( Not Recommended)
Dun & Bradstreet PAYDEX score of 75-85
Original Aged D&B profile with each corp.
D-U-N-S 9-digit corporate ID number.
Local & Toll Free Business Numbers listed with 411. (Provided by client)
New Employer Identification Number (EIN).
Certificate of Good Standing from Secretary of State.
Income and employees updated on DnB
Cash lines of credit
Assistance to Qualify or Domesticate the Corporation in your state.
Virtual Office & Phone Services. . Contact our team…

No PG Corporate Funding

Business Unsecured Line of Credit 

 Up to $500,000 - NO PG for each corporations

We have access to financial sources that offers unsecured Credit Lines from $100,000 to $350,000 (USD) for any use. No restrictions. Repeat as many times as you want!
No financial statements
No tax returns
No Collateral or equity, NO PERSONAL GUARANTEE
No W2's
Use Funds to buy real estate
Use for down payment
Use for Construction

Business Unsecured Line of Credit - Stated

up to $250k lines of credit down to 680 credit score!
Must be incorporated: LLC, LLP, C or S Corp
Must be at least 2 years old
No Collateral or equity
No Up Front Cost
No Risk Obligation
Quick & Easy Access to Capital

Step 1: Identify


Read about our service. Keep in mind we have many solutions for serious investors.


Step 2: Personal Lines


Leverage your personal credit to get you started on the right path.


Step 4: Business No Personal Guarantee


No personal credit score needed, cash line funding solely against the business.


Step 3: Business Lines


Use the right business structure to have lenders wanting to fund your business.


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     RATES and PAYMENTS: Unsecured lines of credit are always variable, prime plus 2 or more, depending on the economy's status.
    Tell us a little about your current needs and we can use that information to match you with just the right program. Please check your BULK or JUNK mail folder for our response(s). Tell us about your credit history.

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80 Paydex 2 yrs Tax Returns 80 Paydex & 2 yrs Tax Returns
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