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Identify on how you can acheive funding with exit strategies. Every client needs a plan of action. We're ready!


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Business lines are ideal for all investors to acquire. Not all business are the same, we will make it work.


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Using all Business and No Personal Credit Scores is the ultimate vehicle in the corporate investment world.


Personal Loans and Lines of Credit by Funding Arena
a division of Broker Enterprise LLC

What is in a credit profile?

Everyone's credit profiles are different when it comes to credit reporting. There are many factors going into a credit profile, such as the person's age, the numbers of credit accounts on the report, the amount owed on loans and revolving credit accounts, and the amount available compare to the amount owed.

What are some of the reasons someone would go through personal lines?

A creative investor knows how to invest in their element when aquiring business, real estate, and many many different form of invesments. An investor would find that personal funding sometime is the best path to take when they have a high risk business, start up business, sole proprietorship or even no business setup at all. Funding Arena provides a plan for investors to implement and elevate the investor to business funding to acquire sizeble cash lines. Once on the path, the investor will utilize the different business structures such as LLC, LLP, C or S Corporation to acquire funding using our networks. Contact our team…

"High risk business
Start up business
No business setup at all
Sole Proprietorship"

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700 Fico Personal Unsecured Line of Credit and Loans - Stated $250k+

up to$250k+ lines of credit down to 700 credit score!
740+ for optimal funding
Best Leverage to get started
No Collateral or equity
No Up Front Cost
No Risk Obligation
Quick & Easy Access to Capital

Step 1: Identify


Read about our service. Keep in mind we have many solutions for serious investors.


Step 2: Personal Lines


Leverage your personal credit to get you started on the right path.


Step 4: Business No Personal Guarantee


No personal credit score needed, cash line funding solely against the business.


Step 3: Business Lines


Use the right business structure to have lenders wanting to fund your business.


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     RATES and PAYMENTS: Unsecured lines of credit are always variable, prime plus 2 or more, depending on the economy's status.
    Tell us a little about your current needs and we can use that information to match you with just the right program. Please check your BULK or JUNK mail folder for our response(s). Tell us about your credit history.

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